Kay and Perabo loved the style of shooting abroad during Covert Affairs and will bring even more intensity to The Fight. “You come ready to play because if you don’t get it now, there might be a truck coming right behind you with bad people in it. And I think the drama that comes with that brings an undeniable energy to the show. People who love to do what they do is hopefully contagious to an audience,” said Kay of shooting in places like Medellin, Colombia.

They also plan to work with local crews. “The people who make shows in those places are people who really want to be there and have a common goal. They are so alert; there is nobody smoking at like the craft services table,” added Perabo.



I’ve added to the Piper Perabo Fan Gallery with photos from MIPTV 2015 events Piper has been attending.

Piper Perabo Daily Gallery > Events > 2015 > 04-13: MIPTV 2015 : Opening Party At Hotel Martinez In Cannes
Piper Perabo Daily Gallery > Events > 2015 > 04-14: ‘The Fight': Photocall At MIPTV 2015 In Cannes


FremantleMedia and London-based Corona Television are taking The Fight to Cannes.

The action series has been developed for five seasons, in a deal announced Wednesday, and will make its debut at MIPTV next week.

Corona and FremantleMedia are partnering on the new thriller, written and directed by Stephen Kay (Covert Affairs, Sons of Anarchy) and starring Covert Affairs actress Piper Perabo.

“At its core The Fight is about a very wild, f’ed-up tribe. It’s a big canvass, but the goal is to tell an intimate, cinematic, romantic story every week about brave and passionate people who run towards the conflict, whether it’s external or internal,” said Kay.

Over the five seasons the story will follow Perabo’s conflict photographer character Riley Miller as she chases stories around the globe from Afghanistan to Colombia, Nigeria and France.

“The Fight is a passionate, dark and intense series. In Riley Miller, Stephen Kay has created a bold female character that gives an intimate, and sometimes harrowing, look at the world of conflict journalism and the dangers it entails. With the strong global elements, daring storylines and fearless characters, we are very much looking forward to presenting the new drama in Cannes,” said FremantleMedia International CEO Jens Richter.



The secret agent lifestyle is going up for sale.

Ten-foot statues, a swank Range Rover Evoque, an airplane seat and rows and rows of Prada shoes.

It all once adorned the sets, and cast, of the TV show Covert Affairs, and it’s now all up for sale in what’s being called the largest auction of film and TV props in Canadian history.

Staff at Toronto auction house 403 Auction have spent six weeks photographing and cataloging what will end up being 5,000 lots, which hit the online auction block Monday.

The designer shoes and clothes alone are worth $2 to $3 million, 403 Auctions owner Jamie Jamieson said.

“I’m sitting in a Cadillac GTS we just photographed,” he said Friday, as staff worked to meet the deadline.

Covert Affairs followed the career of agent Annie Walker through international intrigue, double agents and sassy crime-fighting in sky-high heels. It lasted five seasons and was cancelled in January.

There are street signs designed for scenes set in far-flung cities, spy-style electronics, motorcycles and briefcases full of money.

The auction and runs through March 16. There’s an in-person public viewing on Friday (March 13).



Piper Perabo has been cast opposite Bruce Willis and Ben Kingsley in Wake, an indie thriller from director John Pogue. When the Forrester family reunites for a relative’s wake, they are unnerved by the arrival of the dead man’s brother, Red (Willis), a diagnosed sociopath who made their lives a living hell until he disappeared years ago. But when the family comes under siege from some deadly associates of the deceased, they’re glad to have Red on their side. Perabo will play Claire Forrester, the dead man’s widow who also is also a former lover of Red’s. Cameron Monaghan and Ellen Burstyn also star.


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